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Hilo Area

The Hilo area has two beautiful waterfalls easily accessible by car and short walks on paved paths. Akaka and Kahuna Falls are 442 ft and 400 feet respectively. The walk to the falls is about 0.4 miles round trip through lush tropical rain forest. Nearby Rainbow Falls is only 80 feet high but seems to produce a perpetual rainbow in its mist. There is also Boiling Pots, a series of tiny waterfalls and turbulent basins in the same area that is worth a stop.

Kohala Waterfalls

The Kohala District, on the northwest tip of the island also has some spectacular waterfalls. Most of these, however, are more difficult to reach. You can take a tour to see some of these or you can hike to some on your own. Numerous waterfalls cascade into the Waipio Valley and can be seen by hiking into the valley or from a 4 X 4 vehicle