Kona Ocean Villa

Experience Spectacular Ocean Views


Our condo is located in Keauhou, a resort area just south of Kailua-Kona with an abundance of vacation rental condos. Our condo stands out because of its excellent location, spectacular ocean views, and the amenities we provide. The community contains several sites important to Hawaiian history and culture. The Keauhou Resort development is centered around the concept of pono, keeping the past and moving ahead to the future. We hope you will take a moment to appreciate your place in this area and the many significant events that have occurred here.

Lekeleke Burial Ground

The Leleleke Burial Grounds are near the head of Keauhou Bay across the golf course from our condo. More than 300 native Hawaiians died here during the Battle of Kuamoo in 1819 and are buried at the site. Prior to a recent restoration, the rock platform graves had been desecrated and bones were uncovered and exposed. The renovation involved rebuilding the Hawaiian dry-stack rock wall boundary and adding historical signage designed by artist and historian Herb Kawainui Kane.

Kamehameha III Birthplace

Ho'okuku, the birthplace of Kamehameha III is also nearby. He was reported to have been born a blue baby and revived in a cool spring then warmed on the rocks. He was the last son of Kamehameha the Great to rule Hawaii and was the longest reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1825 until 1854. The Gardens of Kamehameha's Ka Pa Uluwehi o na Kamehameha have also been restored recently.

Royal Holua Slide

The Royal Holua Slide can be seen from the driveway of our condo and can be reached by walking across Ali'i Drive and a short distance south. The slide was used for the sport of holua, a Hawaiian version of sledding. It was also used to move canoes down to the bay for completion.

Ancient Fish Ponds

The area around Kahalu'u Beach contains an ancient fish pond, the Po'o Hawaiian Pond. These were filled with brackish water and used to hold fish for the ali`i. The century-old King Kalakaua's Beach House is near the pond and houses a museum of the age of Hawaiian kings.