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About the Big Island

The Hawaiian Islands are a special place rich in natural, historical, and cultural attractions. But it's the tropical environment and ocean fun that brings most of us to the island. We hope that the information on these pages makes your stay at our vacation rental condo more enjoyable and helps you enjoy the many adventures that Kona and Hawaii have to offer.

History and Culture

The Hawaiian people first came to these islands over 1000 years ago and their cultural history stretches back much further. The Hawaiians may have been navigating the Pacific Ocean 1000 years before the first Europeans ventured out of sight of their coasts. They did this in canoes similar to those you will see along the shore today.

Because they had no written language, Hawaiians remembered their history through chants, songs, and dance. When you enjoy those hula dancers or hear a beautiful song, remember that you might actually be in history class!


The rugged coastlines and bountiful waters that drew the Hawaiians to these islands make many of the island activities we enjoy today possible. When you snorkel at Kahalu'u Beach right down the hill you are taking advanage of the calm waters behind an ancient breakwater. The golf course shares the same grassy slopes as the Holua slide that was once used for the Makahiki games, an event like the modern Olympics where Ali'i men competed.