Kona Ocean Villa

Experience Spectacular Ocean Views



Near the shore Hawaiian water is a crystal clear aqua. Hundreds of species of fish are everywhere and are used to darting among large-eyed snorkelers at Spencer Beach Park, Kailua Bay, Pawai Bay, Kahalu`u Beach Park, Kealakekua Bay, Captain Cook Bay, and Honaunau. Remember that the gentle honu are protected and will come close to swimmers.

Scuba Diving

For certified scuba divers there are many fantastic underwater sites, but the most amazing is a night-time dive with the manta rays. Divers sit at the bottom of one of the bays, lights pointed upwards, waiting for the arrival of these graceful creatures with wing spans of more than 10 feet. Patience is usually rewarded with a visit from several of these creatures who arrive to dine on the microscopic critters that gather in the divers' light beams. They glide effortlessly past and around each other as well as brushing the faces, hair, wetsuits, and tanks, of their human visitors. We've experienced the manta ray night dive several times, and although there are never any guarantees that these magnificent creatures will appear, when they do, it's an experience not to be forgotten. Take an underwater camera if you have one and get videos from videographer Martina Wing of Dolphin Dreams. Manta rays can also often be seen from the comfort of the patio of the Sheraton, a short walk from our condo.